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Selecting a Top Knee Specialist in London

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Knee injuries are very common. Regardless of your normal activity level, a knee injury can be extremely painful and limit your ability to do the things you enjoy. If your knee is stopping you from doing the things you like to do, it is important to visit a knee specialist (in London) to ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis and understanding about the treatment options available for your condition.

A knee specialist will help you understand your symptoms and why these are occurring. He/she can then recommend a treatment plan that will help you get back to normal.

Finding the best knee specialist in London who is right for you can be difficult.

How do I choose a surgeon?

Choosing a surgeon can be a challenging process. There are many things to consider, and it’s important to take your time.

If you are have medical insurance which you will be using, it is important to check with them if they restrict who you can see and where you see them.

If you are paying yourself, then you have the ability to choose who you would like to see at a time that suits you.

The internet is a fantastic tool to help you find the best knee surgeon in London for you. Doctify and TopDoctors allow you to review a surgeon’s profile and read validated patient reviews.

Best Knee Specialist London

Looking for a knee specialist in London? Here is one of the top knee specialists in London, who can help you with your knee problems.

Mr Mark Webb

Mr Mark Webb is one of the best knee specialists London has to offer. He has a reputation for being kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate. He takes a holistic approach to his patients’ health and well-being.

He specialises in treating patients with sports injuries, osteoarthritis and complex trauma. He aims to offer joint preservation surgery, where possible, to help patients avoid a knee replacement.

If you’re looking for a knee specialist in London, Mr Mark Webb should be at the top of your list.


Mr Webb has a Master of Science degree in Sports Medicine from University College London which helps him to understand the needs of athletes at all levels.

His practice is focused on helping patients get back to their favourite activities as soon as possible. Whether that means being able to run again or being able to play with your kids without struggling.

If you are looking for a knee doctor in London who will listen and offer treatment options tailored to your needs please do not hesitate to call Mr Webb today.

Mr Mar Webb


Mr Webb is a fellowship trained hip and knee surgeon. His fellowships were in Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco and London. 

Mr Webb’s expertise makes him a great choice if you have been injured or have an ongoing  condition that may require treatment. He can perform a wide range of procedures from arthroscopic surgery to total knee replacement


Mr Mark Webb is a leading knee specialist in London. He has extensive experience in the field of knee surgery, helping patients to recover from their knee injuries.

Mr Webb is based at The London Orthopaedic Clinic King Edward VII Hospital Medical Centre, which is located in London. Patients can contact Mr Webb directly by calling 02074594915 or visiting his website at

What can I expect from an initial consultation?

A knee specialist in London will help you understand your knee pain and provide you with a treatment plan for alleviating it.

Here’s what to expect from an initial consultation:

When you make an appointment, the office will take your details including any other medical professionals you are seeing. If you have a referral letter, you will be asked to send this so it can be included in your records. Previous imaging should be brought on a CD to your appointment. Please let the office know if you will be doing this.

The doctor will first talk to you about your symptoms, your general health and any treatments you have had before. He/she will then examine you. This is where the doctor checks for signs of arthritis, ligament injury and other conditions that could cause knee pain.

Usually, your doctor will arrange for X-rays and/or an MRI scan of your knee. These tests are to help confirm the suspected diagnosis.

Your doctor will then discuss their findings with you so that together they can come up with a plan for managing your condition.


If you’re looking for a knee specialist in London, Mr Mark Webb would be happy to help.